The JP Institute “Evolutionary Team Curriculum has been taking the “Dental Community” through an incredible journey and transformation since 1979!  Attend a workshop or schedule a private training and learn how you can transform your life and your patients lives!

The JP Institute has a select group of dynamic “JP Institute Certified” trainers, coaches, consultants, professional educators and national speakers to meet your professional needs.  The training institute is an ADA Cerp and FAGD/MAGD recognized provider for Continuing Education.  We have experienced speakers available for evening presentations, as well as half day and full day workshops and seminars. All programs can be customized to be in seminar, private in-office or clinical hands-on format.  Please contact our President Jan Lazarus 800-946-4944 ( to learn more about our custom workshops and seminars.

     “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world”

- Nelson Mandela

What People Are Saying
“This was the best course I have ever taken!!  I believe it is the hightest level of continuing education that a hygienist can take.  I have learned to treat my patients more like a healthcare provider than a tooth cleaner.  If anyone has the opportunity to take this course they should not hesitate!”

- Heather Glosson, RDH Texas

“The entire series of JP courses and lectures have been thought provoking and eye opening to my teammates and I.  I feel that the philosophy, techniques and technology that we have been taught is life-changing.  The Evolutionary Team experience has truly given me a gift, through this program.  It is really a new way of looking at treating our patients successfully with much less STRESS.  You will value your hygienists even more that you do now!! Thank you!!"

- Julie Griffith, RDH Colorado

“As far forward-thinking as I’ve reached with VIP 5-Star Customer Service and the latest incredible techniques for smile re-design. . . I’d have thought I’d have some CLUE regarding hygiene periodontal care.

Nope. After the initial JP Consulting Sessions my team and I have come to the conclusion that from a hygiene and perio point of view, we were left in the dust about 20 years ago! The diagnostic and therapeutic information you’ve amassed for your clients is AWSOME!
The verbal skills and patient management information you’ve given us to fortify the presentation and acceptance is nothing short of a remarkable series of GEM after GEM! Congratulations for opening the eyes of an otherwise thought-he-knew-what-was-going-on dentist. Me!

Thanks to you and your remarkable consulting team, my team and I are now energized to make hygiene an outstanding division of our practice. One of which we can not only be VERY proud, but one that will serve the interests of our patients in a way few if any of our colleagues could begin to imagine. And one that will become a significant force as a very profitable part of our dynamic private practice.

You are GEMS. Thanks so much for sharing."

- Dr. Tom Orent

"I can honestly say that there is no course that I have taken so far that can have as immediate and dramatic an impact on the way you practice on a daily basis, and on the overall health and well-being of your patients, as the JP Evolutionary Team course.  In fact, in many ways, the information in this course was more overwhelming than any other course I’ve taken before.

We came to the program with what we thought was a pretty good soft tissue management program, and found that we hadn’t even scratched the surface of what the possibilities are for this part of our practice.  I know that, as a dentist, when I look at courses to take, hygiene just doesn’t look as sexy as all of the other courses available here.  But do yourself a favor and give the JP instructors a chance to share the expertise, insight and passion they have for this part of your practice.  You’ll never be able to look at perio and the overall health of your patients the same way again."

Respectfully, Dr. Michael Bufo D.M.D Great East Dental Associates

Workshops to be scheduled in an area near you. Call to schedule an Evolutionary Team Workshop in your area today; or, attend our next seminar by the sea here in Carlsbad!



The JP Institute
is a recognized ADA CERP provider.

Accepted Program Provider
FAGD / MAGD Credit.