Jan LazarusIn 1979, seeds of creative thought and compassion launched JP Consultants  Incorporated, the coaching and training company.  Programs for the Dental Community focused on teaching dental health professionals to reach for and find another level of comprehensive care for their patients.  For JP and its growing group of followers, the need to grow, learn and make a difference was the foundation of their passion.  These pioneers in comprehensive continuing education and consulting had sparked something that they would find, over the next 35 years, would embrace their passion and bring a much needed welcome change… But most importantly, as they expected, they could innovate lasting change in each practice, with each patient, that would positively and sometimes dramatically impact the practice and the health of each dental patient forever! 

At the core of their implementation was the understanding that the mouth is a “window” to overall health of the body. This became the key foundational element to the success in teaching dentists and hygienists to recognize early disease and then implement a comprehensive clinical approach that prevented, treated and  controlled periodontal disease as well as improving overall patient health. Custom practice curriculum was designed to teach each dentist and their team how to transition prophy patients into necessary periodontal therapy.  Each practice program included over the shoulder clinical refinement, clinical and team communication, refined verbal skills, time management and more.

New scientific and technological breakthroughs were also integrated by the JP clinicians/consultants based on solid vetting of products and the necessary time management. This process, fused in science, innovative technologies, and aesthetic and restorative support, has contributed to their ongoing success.   It’s understandable that it didn’t take long for the dental community to value the systematic, structured approach and step by step “Down to a Science” verbal skills to enthusiastically appreciate learning and embrace change!

By 1989 JP Consultants began a train the trainer program and redefined their company mission to grow the company worldwide as “The JP Institute”. To date they are now a training company that has trained over 40 Dental Consultants, Coaches, and trainers and over one hundred Dental Hygiene Educators, National and International Speakers.  To ensure consistency of the integrity of the systematic and efficacious approach, the Institute created a JP Certification Program that offers trainers of the JP derived curriculum ongoing certification at various levels of applied consultation. The JP Institute Certified trainers have reached the majority of the dental community through seminars, workshops and over 3500 private in-office trainings.  As industry leaders they have developed custom team and hygiene curriculum for many of the prominent Restorative Institutes for Dentists as well as major Dental Corporations, some of which are household names and others that are highly respected within the community at large.

The JPCI Curriculum Certification Program was launched in 2004 as a recognition program that involves performance-based competency testing. The certification creates a recognized standard of excellence for the Dental Health Care Professional.

The JP Institute mission remains still much the same as its foundational roots, even though it has evolved and continues to extend its reach. Goals now include  innovation of change through empowerment, inspiration, nutrition and education to embrace life long learning because it is  essential to rejuvenate and renew.

Now more excited and passionate than ever, The JP Institute  has a life-changing “Wellness Program” offering the Dental Health Professional to become a “Dental Health Coach” in their own practice.  It’s so important that we always remember that we now have the obligation to educate our patients on the Oral Systemic connection and more importantly the education to offer behavior therapies and lifestyle changes to support optimum health and healing.

Let us know if you are passionate about overall health for your patients.  We are here to teach you how to integrate a solid, practical and foundational way to understand and MEASURE nutritional status and lifestyle choices for your patients and yourself. All our gratitude and best wishes to all our thousands of great colleagues, patients and friends and always please remember: Everything good begins with you! 



The JP Institute
is a recognized ADA CERP provider.

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FAGD / MAGD Credit.